New Life for a Troubled Area

After decades of inaction, Montreal's southwest shore, a largely abandoned area over a former landfill site on the Saint Lawrence River will be cleaned up and developed. Federal ministers Lawrence Cannon and Michael Fortier announced the transfer of unused federal properties to the Canada Lands Corporation:

"Over the past decades, Montreal's harbourfront has largely remained simply a collection of Crown properties, with no plan to develop their potential," said Minister Cannon. "Today I am proud to announce that Canada's New Government has put an end to years of inaction and mandated the Canada Lands Company to carry out a planned redevelopment of these exceptional properties. The CLC is renowned throughout Canada for its experience and success - it will be able to work closely with a range of agencies and authorities, community groups and the City of Montreal, while respecting the jurisdictions of each party. In the end, we want to help create an exceptional urban space where people will want to live. 'Montreal's New Harbourfront' will enhance the economic vitality of the City and Canada."

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