The southwest shore of Montreal is in urgent need of help. The housing exhibition, Habitat 2017, will act as a catalyst to remediate and transform this area.


Once the cradle of Canadian industry, much of the southwest shore is now abandoned or underutilised.


The area of Pointe Saint-Charles, near the Saint Lawrence River, has been a landfill site for over a hundred years. Contaminants leaching into the river continue to have a serious impact on the environment.

Expo 17 Use

The same techniques used to expand Ile Sainte-Hélène and create Ile Notre-Dame for Expo 67 will be employed to lower and extend Pointe Saint-Charles and protect the waters of the Saint Lawrence River.

Habitat 2017 will pick up where Habitat 67 left off and integrate alternative energy sources into high-density urban architecture. The resulting complex will feature innovative design and permit its residents to live an environmentally-conscious lifestyle.

Long Term Use

Habitat 2017 will initiate the transformation of the largely abandoned southwest shore into a vibrant community.