To use an analogy, if the Earth were the size of a basketball, the atmosphere would be the thickness of a coat of varnish.

Greenhouse gases produced by human activities are altering the fragile atmosphere around our planet. The atmosphere now traps too much heat which, in turn, raises temperatures and melts glaciers and polar ice caps. The consequences to the environment are already evident. The consequences to our survival will be catastrophic.

Our Sesqui­centennial is an opportunity to bring Canadians together to combat global warming and fulfill our commitment to the Kyoto protocol. While conservation initiatives are encouraged nationwide, Expo 17 will showcase advances in cutting-edge alternative energy sources and damage-repair technologies.

A contribution to the clean-air initiative at Expo 17 will be the conversion of Old Montreal into a car-free zone. Proven transportation technologies, already in use in other major cities in the world, will provide access to this historically significant area.