Water, the most precious of all resources, is essential to our survival. Despite this, it has been treated as an undervalued commodity.

We continue to pollute our waterways, including one of the largest rivers in the world, the Saint Lawrence River.

A recent study found a large part of the river no longer capable of supporting life. At the Montreal Technoparc, PCBs and other toxic substances flow into the Saint Lawrence unabated.

Montreal’s environmental contribution to the Sesqui­centennial will be to clean up the Technoparc and arrest the flow of toxic substances into the water. Other initiatives to clean up the Saint Lawrence River and the Great Lakes will be encouraged as Canada’s contribution to our Sesqui­centennial.

Saving the Saint Lawrence River is one of the major goals of Expo 17. By 2017 we hope to see the river on its way to restored health and the many species which used to inhabit its waters thriving once again.